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Respiratory therapy devices frees the nose and nasal sinuses without the use of drugs.

Respiratory therapy with RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL

For head colds to allergy symptoms to chronic sinusitis – diseases of the upper airways are common and impair the quality of life of those affected.

RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is a respiratory therapy device for mobilising and removing secretions in the nasopharyngeal space. When RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is used, a positive pressure and vibrations are produced when the patient exhales through the nose that are then transmitted to the entire nasopharyngeal space.

The RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL respiratory therapy device

  • frees the nose and nasal sinuses of mucus in cases of chronic sinusitis
  • relieves coughing in cases of post-nasal drip syndrome
  • lowers bronchial hyperreagibility for patients with bronchial asthma
  • improves ventilation of the middle ear in the event of tubal ventilation disorders
  • regenerates nasal mucosa in the event of nasal spray addiction (Privinism)
  • prevents infections of the lower airways

Effective and easy to use

RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is a further development of RC Cornet® N. It has many innovative elements that make daily use easier.

Modern design and innovative features of RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL:

  • Settings for two different forms of treatment personalise the therapy options – regardless of the volume of exhaled air.
  • The integrated nebuliser connection as well as the new valve connect all standard nebulisers to the device and make simultaneous spray inhalation and respiratory therapy possible. The combi-therapy reduces treatment duration and improves drug deposition.
  • Use, cleaning and hygiene routines meet the highest clinical requirements.

Mobilize mucous in the nasal sinuses

Chronic symptoms in the upper airways are frequently triggered by allergies or anatomic narrowing.

RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL can help gently free the upper airways from mucous, stimulate the flow of lymph and noticeably widen and ventilate the openings to the nasal sinuses – entirely without the use of drugs.

Stimulate the natural flow of phlegm and mucous

Constant use of decongestant nasal sprays damages the nose’s cleaning system. Mucous membranes do not receive enough nutrients; they dry out and can fail to fulfil their role as filters for irritants.

RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL helps with the regeneration of damaged mucous membranes. Regular use of the respiratory therapy device naturally helps reduce swelling, promotes the flow of mucous and allows the nasal mucosa to regenerate.

Prevent infections of the upper airways

The flow of mucous from the upper to the lower airways (postnasal drip syndrome) can lead to bronchial infection and have a negative impact on diseases such as COPD, asthma or cystic fibrosis.

This is way care of the upper airways is important for lung patients who have excess secretions in the nose and its sinuses. RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL effectively frees the upper airways from irritating mucous and prevents infection from spreading down to the lungs.


RC Cornet PLUS, RC Cornet PLUS NASAL and RC Cornet PLUS Tracheo are fully compatible, it is very easy to simply switch to the Oval Mouthpiece, Nasal or Tracheostomy setup. 

  • Indicated for
    • Chronic sinusitis
    • Postnasal drip syndrome
    • Tubal ventilation disorders
    • Bronchial hyperreagilibility
    • Nasal spray addition (Privinism)
    • Chronic diseases of the lower airways
  • Product Use Video

  • Pack Includes
    • Nasal tube with nose olive
    • Adaptor with integrated nebuliser
    • Valve
    • Tube
    • Body
    • Body lid
    • Cleaning aid
    • Elbow, for combi-therapy with nebulisers
    • Instructions for use