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Microwave Cleaning Kit instructions

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CEGLA - Microwave Cleaning kit for RC Cornet PLUS

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Clean like the professionals - easy, quick and safe

Depending on the microwave power, just 90 seconds are enough to clean medical products and baby items such as pacifiers and bottles in a hygienically safe manner. 1)

The RC-Clean® cleaning bags are designed to fit easily into all commercially available microwaves. 


Put the products to be cleaned in an RC-Clean® cleaning bag together with 60ml water. Seal the bag, then put it in the microwave. Finished!


With the RC-Clean microwave bags, you can clean your medical products and baby items in just 90 seconds, depending on the microwave power.

For sure

When the water in the microwave bag heats up, hot steam is generated, which effectively kills bacteria and germs 1) (more under "Hygiene"). Baby items and medical products are hygienically prepared quickly and safely.